Description & Objectives of the Course

Fundamental change often happens at the local level. Communities thrive when local decision-makers and activists can creatively implement solutions for the social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges the community faces. Under this program the principles and strategies of community development are critically examined with a view to operationalize them.

The objectives of the program are to develop a sound understanding of the background and context of contemporary community development with special emphasis on developing countries. The program looks at the changing role of the state in development and how communities can use their skills to develop themselves including their capacity to assess and critically evaluate community interventions. An understanding of community development strategies is critical to understanding of national development and policy making.

.The Course shall address the Following Modules;

Module One: Environment and Sustainable Community Development

Module Two: Gender and Community Development

Module Three: Development and Management of Community Projects

Module Four: Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising

Module Five: Conflict Management

Module Six: Social policy and planning

Module Seven; Methods and Techniques of Community Development.

Module Eight; Ethical and Legal Dimensions in Community Development.

Module Nine; Social Change and Community Development

Module Ten: Advanced Sociological Theory

Module Eleven: Research Methods in Social Sciences

Minimum entry requirements

Common regulations governing Post-Graduate Diplomas shall be applicable.

The following shall be eligible for admission.

  1. a) Holders of a Bachelor’s degree from a recognisable University
  2. b) Holders of an equivalent qualification from any other recognisable Institution.


  1. a) The Entire course Duration is one Year (2 semesters)
  2. b) Candidates shall be expected to Submit 10 Assignments (Continuous Assessment test) that Account to 70 % of their Work and a Project Paper at the Tail end of the course, which accounts to 30 % of the course Work…

Mode of delivery of the proposed programme

Students will access learning materials from our Online learning platform.

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and send it back via email to the undersigned.




ORGANIZERS: Capacity Africa Institute

LANGUAGE: English only

Kindly confirm your participation with:

Online Training Coordinator

Capacity Africa Institute