Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Overall Course Overview
This course is intended to provide a comprehensive account of the critical issues in human resource management, taking the reader from an introductory level to a relatively sophisticated understanding of an increasingly important topic. The Post Graduate diploma course has been significantly streamlined and updated to take account of the recent recession in western economies, the significance of the fast-developing countries such as China and India and the increasing importance of HRM in the public, non-profit and voluntary sectors.
The course takes a distinctive approach, locating the subject of HRM and its various perspectives within a wider international context. We recognize that participants in the course will come from a variety of backgrounds and in that sense we set out to understand the role and meaning of HRM from a number of practical and theoretical perspectives. Many employers place great value in the advanced knowledge and skills developed in a
postgraduate course, and much of the content covered will be of great benefit to professionals in other functions who are, or will be, responsible for managing people.
Course Objectives
– Provide an overview of the history of people management
– Outline Significant developments that have led to modern human resource management (HRM)
– Discuss the main differences between ‘traditional’ personnel management and HRM
– Introduce and acquaint learners with the key roles played by human resources specialists
Course Overall
  1. Introduction to Human Resource Management
  2. Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager
  3.  The functions of Human Resource Management
  4. The changing roles and emerging issues in Human Resource Management
  5. Organizational Culture and Socialization
  6. Managing Demand and Supply
  7. Changing  of Roles in the HR function
  8. Structuring  of Human Resource Management
  9. Job Mobility
  10. Job Analysis
  11. Performance Appraisal
  12. Staff  Recruitment
  13. Human Resource Accounting and audit
  14. Bargaining Agreement
  15.  Dealing with Trade Unions
  16. Relocation of Employee
  17. Staff Selection
  18. Staff Appraisal
  19. Career Succession and Planning
  20. HR Information Systems
  21. Negotiating Skills
  22. Managing Trade Unions

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