This course is comprehensive on grants management and fundraising, spanning the grants lifecycle from pre-award through grant closeout. The course provides the Federal, pass-through, and recipient workforces with the knowledge and skills they need to improve program and public accountability, efficiency, and outcomes for beneficiaries.

Course Objectives

  • The course aims to foster the following to learners
  • Understand different perspectives on the scope of the nonprofit sector
  • Describe the key sources of nonprofit income
  • Understand and describe the historic context of fundraising
  • Understand the requirements for fundraising to be considered a profession
  • Understand key components of ethical theory and differentiate between applied and normative ethics
  • Decide which type of ethical system to apply in fundraising contexts to professional ethical dilemmas
  • Understand the significance of enhancing donor loyalty
  • Describe the drivers of donor loyalty
  • Manage grants effectively

Course Content

Module One:

Introduction to Grants Management

Module Two:

Building Grants Management into the Proposal

Module Three:

Negotiation and Acceptance Procedures

Module Four:

Coordinating Grants Management Tasks


Module Five:


Module Six:

Audits and Monitoring visits

Module Seven:

Grants Management of Federal Grants

Module Eight:

Managing Private Funder Grants

Module Nine:

Closeout Procedures

Module Ten:

Ethical Issues

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