Post Graduate Diploma in Finance Management For NGOS

What is financial management in an NGO?
An NGO with a sound financial management system is able to track its own expenses, plan future expenses, and submit timely financial statements to the donor upon request, which will help strengthen the organization’s trust and long-term support.
Financial management entails planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring the financial resources of an organization to achieve objectives. Financial management to an NGO is rather like maintenance is to a vehicle.
What are the 4 processes of financial management?
What is the financial management cycle?
  1. Planning and budgeting.
  2. Resource allocation.
  3. Operations and monitoring.
  4. Evaluation and reporting.

Course Content

Module 1. Financial Reporting and Control

Module 2. Quantitative Methods

Module 3. Managerial Economic

Module 4. Managerial Finance

Module 5. International Economy & Finance

Module 6. Capital Markets

Module 7. Financial Institutions

Module 8. Corporate Tax Planning

Module 9. Investment Planning & Management

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