Certificate courses

	1. Certificate in Gender and Development

	2. Certificate in Grants Management

	3. Certificate Course in Sustainable Development

	4. Certificate Course in Community Development

	5. Certificate Course in Conflict Management

	6. Certificate Course in Effective Communications Skills

	7. Certificate Course in Disaster Management

	8. Certificate Course in International Financial Reporting standards

	9. Certificate Course in International Development Studies

	10. Certificate Course in Marketing Management

	11. Certificate Course in Micro-Enterprise Management

	12. Perfect Personal Assistant and Effective office Administrator Certificate Course

	13. Certificate Course in Organizational Behavior

	14. Certificate Course in Research Methods

	15. Certificate Course in Project Management

	16. Certificate course in Social Media Marketing

	17. Certificate Course in Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

	18. Certificate Course in Education in Emergencies


	20. Certificate in Essentials of Humanitarian Practice

	21. Certificate in Budget Formulation, Implementation, Management &Control

	22. Certificate in Budget Formulation, Implementation, Management &Control

	23. Certificate in Managing People and Projects During Emergencies

	24. Certificate in Community Based Disaster Risk Management

	25. Certificate on Personal Security for Humanitarians

	26. Certificate in Introduction to Humanitarian and Relief Work

	27. Certificate in Managing Teams in Humanitarian Response

	28. Certificate in Humanitarian Response Management

	29. Certificate in Humanitarian Health Provider

	30. Certificate in Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster

	31. Certificate in Managing Humanitarian Projects and Organizations

	32. Certificate in International Humanitarian Law

	33. Certificate in Introduction to Urban Humanitarianism

	34. Certificate Course in Humanitarian Coordination

	35. Certificate in Shelter and Settlements in Emergency Situations

	36. Certificate in Humanitarian Foundation

	37. Certificate Course in Humanitarian Diplomacy

	38. Certificate Course in Humanitarian Action

	39. Certificate in Forced Migration

	40. Certificate in Community Participation and Mobilization in Emergence Response

	41. Certificate in Mental Health in Complex Emergencies

	42. Certificate in Accountability in Human Action

	43. Certificate in Leadership and Management of Humanitarian Action

	44. Certificate in Human Rights in Humanitarian Action and Disaster Relief

	45. Certificate in Humanitarian Communications

	46. Certificate in Gender and Humanitarian Action

	47. Certificate in Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

	48. Diploma in International Business