Diploma In Proposal Writing And Fundraising

Course Overall
Getting funding for a project is not just a matter of luck, but a matter of learning a few skills and improving them each time one pens down to write a proposal. The approach that one takes to sell an idea will determine if the funds will be granted or not. The whole project should be very persuasive to woe the funder to your side. It is like a beautiful girl who has many suitors asking for her hand into friendship, the best suitor normally emerges the winner all factors kept constant.
Those who fund projects want to invest in projects that will solve a specific problem produce tangible benefits with lasting effects and meet the urgent need if it is a crisis situation. It is very important also to understand the funder and what the funder specializes in funding. There are organizations which deal with different sectors only or majorly, for example health, education, shelter, food and the girl child. At Capacity Institute Africa we equip learners with skills on how to write a project that is convincing, interesting, crystal clear and a proposal that will stand out from criticism. We also understand that different organizations call for different formats when writing proposals and all those are available in this course in our institute.
The biggest challenge facing most of these organizations is lack of adequate appropriate in-house capacity to attract the right donors to the organization. With the right skills and capacity, there are thousands of donors available to fund projects out there. However many organizations, unfortunately, are still grappling with key fundamentals issues such as; where are the donors? What projects get funding?
What the current donor priorities are? And how to approach donors for funding.
The Proposal Writing & Fund Raising online and distance learning training program is professionally designed to address these pertinent issues in a global perspective. This training will equip you and your organization with up to date information on: modern trends in Proposal Writing & Fund Raising identification of donor priorities, reasons why some of your project proposals don’t get funded, and maximizing the possibilities of the internet in accessing more resources for your projects.
Course Overview:
It will cover the following topic areas:
• Fundraising tips and Project Background
• Writing an Organizational Background
• Project Planning and Design and Writing a problem Statement
• Formulating a goal and Smart Objectives
• Developing Activities and Work plan
• Writing about Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation
• Risks and Assumptions, Expected Outcomes and Impact
• Developing a Log Frame
• Developing a Project Budget
• Online Fundraising Tips
• Developing a Fund Raising Strategy for your Organization

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