International development  places  focus on socio-economic development issues of concern to the developing  countries in contrast to the developed world . Issues such as poverty, foreign aid, conflicts, governance, human rights, climate change and global inequalities are central to the theme of internal development. However, to work in the field of Netherlands development, one needs to acquire the  necessary knowledge and  skills  to function effectively in challenging circumstances
The  objective of this course therefore is to equip learners with knowledge to understand and analyze contemporary issues  in  Netherlands development .
The course accords students an opportunity to understand  development processes, interventions, theories, policies and government structures in the global context. The course is structured around some key questions including:

  •  What does “development” mean ?
  • Experience of development influenced theories of development?
  •  The role of the state in development?
  • The role of  Netherlands development organizations
  •  The role of  (NGOs) as development actors?
  • What is sustainable development and how can it be achieved?
  •  Is foreign aid effective?
  •  What is  economic development?
  • Practicing development in a way that is respectful of local knowledge, cultures and diverse individual aspirations?

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Netherlands Development Studies
  • What is Development?
  • Theories of Development
  • The State and Development
  • Free trade & Fair Trade
  • Environment and Development
  • Foreign Aid
  • Gender & Development
  •  Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable Development

This course is offered through distance learning.
Course Period:  Six Months ( Course starts on 1st of Every Month) 
Course Levels: Diploma in Netherlands Development
Course Amount USD 800
Programme Benefits
Course participants will strengthen their skills through practical exercises based on their day to day work experiences.
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