Diploma in Microfinance Management

Module 1: Introductory Microfinance


o             Introduction


o             The nature of Microfinance


o             The demand for microfinance


o             The supply of microfinance


o             Products and services in microfinance


o             A new Taxonomy in Microfinance


o             Microfinance and ethical finance


o             Course work


Module 2 – Product and Services in Modern Microfinance


  • Introduction


  • Financial Services


  • Product Development process


  • Non Financial Services


  • New frontiers in microfinance Services


  • Course work


Module 3 – The main Features of MicroCredit


  • Introduction


  • The screening of Beneficiaries


  • The nature of finance Assets


  • Distinguishing features of microcredit


  • Collateral Policies


  • Interest rates in Microcredit


  • Course Work


Module 4 – Sustainability and Outreach


  • Introduction


  • Sustainability and Outreach


  • Sustainability –how to reach it


  • Outreach – How to select the beneficiaries


  • The microfinance Dilemma


  • The policies for improving sustainability


  • Course work


Module 5 – Risk Management in Microfinance


  • Introduction


  • Risks in Microfinance


  • The Business Risk


  • Financial Risks


  • Process Risks


  • Course work


Module 6 – Monitoring the Microfinance Processes


  • Introduction


  • Reasons for a process approach


  • Microfinance Processes


  • The process of microcredit


  • Process related risks


  • Control Typologies


  • The incentive system


  • Course Work


Module 7 Microfinance Performance


  • Introduction


  • Performance Analysis


  • Performance Evaluation Model for a Microfinance Project


  • Performance Evaluation models for MFI


  • Course Work


Module 8 – The Role of Regulation


  • Introduction


  • Regulation, supervision and Microfinance


  • Determinants for regulating microfinance


  • Key variables for microfinance regulation


  • Which instrument to adopt


  • Course work


Module 9 – Final Proje5. International Initiatives to Support C


Mode of delivery of the proposed programme

Online/distance learning

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and send it back via email to the undersigned.


The Academics Manager

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