Diploma in Innovations Management

The Innovation Diploma is a new credential developed as a direct response to the request of students from the industry to work at the intersection of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The course includes students with open, dynamic and networked problems by taking a trans disciplinary approach. This generates attributes related to complex system thinking, creating value in problem-solving and inquiry, and creating imaginative and ethical citizenship. Students develop entrepreneurial and intra-entrepreneurial skills and the ability to use interdisciplinary skills effectively. These attributes and capabilities make it possible for graduates to identify and develop solutions to some of the most complex problems facing their disciplines and society.

Program Structure:

The program is structured in 3 core modules,

  • The Land of Entrepreneurs,
  • The Land of Innovators and
  • Maker of an Innovator.


Program Take A way Benefits:

After completing the program, participants should be able to understand and develop:

  • Understand the structure of the CPI innovation system
  • Understand how to develop the required innovation-furculum for a successful entrepreneurship process.
  • Build the mental-setup principle of the CPI land of entrepreneurship
  • Understand what it means to have an entrepreneurial career.
  • Understand the difference between a good opportunity and just another idea.
  • Understand why some firms grow quickly in sales but then lose their edge and falter, remaining at the same level.
  • Understand the critical tasks and hurdles in seizing an opportunity and building a business.
  • Determine and prioritize resources to begin a new venture
  • Analyze critical success factors in a new firm:  structure, human resources, financing and sales and marketing
  • Plan and develop a strategy for growth in the new entrepreneurial firm
  • Evaluate risks and benefits involved in a new firm
  • Develop a concept for a new business
  • Develop and write a business plan
  • Develop a personal entrepreneurial strategy

Training Format:

  • All materials are made available through our Online Learning Platform
  • Students should commit approximately 5-6 hours of their time per week

Materials Provided:

Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.


In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit assignments at the end of every month.




ORGANIZERS: Capacity Africa Institute

LANGUAGE: English only

Kindly confirm your participation with:

Online Training Coordinator

Capacity Africa Institute