Diploma in Human Resource Management

 Course Overall
While many of the tasks associated with human resource management are centered in the HR Department, all managers have HR responsibilities. This course will cover the broad range of topics associated with HR management from the perspective of the HR professional, the manager, and the employee.
This Diploma in Human Resource Management is an online professional development course that aims to provide you with the essential foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to perform effectively in a human resource management team. This course will give participants essential tools for kick starting their career in HR. It is also a great way for existing HR professionals to expand their knowledge.
The Diploma in Human Resource Management Course will introduce you to the field of human resource management – and its growing importance to the success of the organization’s overall performance and success.
The course introduces students to the theories, ideas, controversies and challenges involved in managing human resources in contemporary work organizations. The course also focuses on the link between an organization’s overall business strategies and an organization’s HR strategies, policies and practices.
Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction of Human Rights

  1. Responsibilities of a Professional Manager
  2. Tasks of a Professional Manager
  3. Structuring Human Resource Management
  4. The Changing Context and Emerging Issues in HRM
  5. Concept and Function of HRM

Module 2

  1. Concept of Organizational Socialization
  2. Concept of Mobility
  3. Contemporary Issues in Managing Demand and Supply
  4. Changing nature of Roles
  5. Job Analysis
  6. Contemporary issues in Job Analysis

Module 3

  1. Performance and Potential Appraisal
  2. Career Succession and Planning
  3. Dislocation and relocation of Employees
  4. Selection
  5. Recruitment

Module 4

  1. Human Resource Accounting
  2. Human Resource Audit
  3. Human Resource Information Systems
  4. Managing Trade Unions
  5. Issues and Trends in Common Bargaining Agreement
  6. Dealing with Trade Unions
  7. Negotiating Skills

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