Diploma in HIV and Aids Management

Course Overall

HIV/AIDS Management has been developed in response to continued requests from the industry, from students and from universities for a course that enhances understanding of the impact that HIV/AIDS virus has on a local community and and tackles complex themes and issues that affect millions of people worldwide.

Course Overview

  • Difference between HIV and AIDS.
  • Know the myths of HIV and AIDS.
  • Understand HIV and AIDS Statistics.
  • Learn three methods used for HIV Screening.
  • Understand How HIV is transmitted.
  • Understand Legal Right associated with HIV/ AIDS.
  • Understand Current treatment associated with HIV and AIDS.
  • Identify what are blood borne pathogens
  • How to respond to myths about HIV/ AIDS
  • The role of a peer education in HIV prevention
  • Effective Communication, including
  • Attitudes and values people have about illness and sexuality
  • How to respond to myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS
  • Establishing the climate of mutual respect and sympathy
  • What puts peers at risk of HIV
  • Behavior Change Communication The process of behavior change
  • Overcoming communication barriers in Peer Education
  • Approaching a peer and beginning a dialogue
  • Active listening
  • Facts about HIV antibody testing
  • Preparing for a HIV test
  • Managing the outcome of the HIV test
  • How to motivate others
  • Personal Risk assessment techniques
  • Understanding social norms, peer pressure and behavior change process
  • Condom and sex related negotiation and refusal skills
  • Sexual decision making
  • Communication for safer sex and assertiveness
  • Condom and sex related negotiation and refusal skills
  • The role of alcohol and drugs in HIV transmission
  • Peer Education and Counseling techniques including listening, confidentiality, rapport, referrals and record keeping
  • Living with HIV infection
  • Psychological, social and ethical issues in counseling peers about sexuality and HIV infection.
  • Empathy toward those infected with HIV
  • Moral support and counseling families and individuals infected with HIV
  • How to address stigma and discrimination for those infected and affected

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