Diploma in Gender and Development

Training Agency: Development Dimensions Africa

Registration deadline: 31 Jul 2019
Training date: 01 Aug 2019 to 31 Mar 2020 – More Information


Development Dimensions Africa is an international humanitarian training organization whose mission is to equip humanitarian aid professionals with practical skills to enable them to provide humanitarian services more effectively. Our goal is to make humanitarian work successful, relevant and effective.

Course Overview

Around the world, there is growing interest in understanding gender issues in relation to development. This interest has created a discipline that seeks to analyze gender differences while assessing the impact of gender inequalities on community and national development.

It was noted that the Sustainable Development Goals can not be achieved without an analysis of gender equality with respect to development issues such as leadership and politics, health, water, law, economy and education.

The Gender and Development course aims to promote the rationalization of gender equality in various development discourses in order to minimize inequalities in all sectors of development.

By the end of the course, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand gender and development concepts and gender issues, which will enable them to conduct research and design programs that promote gender equality while lobbying for policies and laws that promote gender equality worldwide.

Gender issues are highly applicable in humanitarian actions where women and children are still the most affected.

Course modules:

• Introduction to gender

• Introduction to development

• Gender and development

• Gender and leadership

• Gender and law

• Gender and education

• Gender and peacebuilding

• Gender and politics

• Gender and human rights

• Gender and media

• Gender and economic development

• Gender in humanitarian situations

DURÉE: 6 mois



ORGANISATEURS: Capacity Africa Institute

LANGUE: français

FORMAT: Apprentissage en ligne

CONTACT COURS GÉNÉRAL: french@capacityafrica.com