Diploma in Enterprise Management

The twenty-first century’s tumultuous and destructive upheavals, including natural disasters, corporate failures, financial crisis, recession, and austerity, prompted a study of the traditional view of business and industry as supporting large organizations in a steady state of long-term planning. The dynamics of how business is performed are changing today.

This qualification gives you an understanding of the business world. It explores the environment and its impact on an enterprise’s survival, success, and growth. It covers the practical functions of business and business, such as funding sources, marketing, communication, sales theory and practice, supply chains, the highly competitive global marketplace and and e-business. It also provides an underpinning of the operations function and an introduction to the concept of quality.

Who is it for?

The course is intended for private managers, not for organizations in the profit and public sector.


             Introduction to Business and Enterprise

             Managing in a Global Business Environment

             Organizational Behavior

             Introduction to Accounting

             Business Decision Making

             Strategic Business Management and Planning

             Ethics in Business

             Corporate Social Responsibility


             After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected

to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks.


             There are six assignments (continuous assessment tests) and one examination to be offered at the end of the course/ project Paper. Assignments and Continuous Assessment Tests account for 70% while Examination accounts for 30% of the mark. Upon completion of the course you shall be issued with a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.


Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after successful completion of the course


Mode of delivery of the proposed programme

Online/distance learning

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and send it back via email to the undersigned.


The Academics Manager

Capacity Africa Training Institute

Email: info@capacityafrica.com

Website: www.capacityafrica.com