Development work is driven by financial, material and human resource. It demands commitment to the call of duty and working odd and extra hours to achieve project targets to alleviate poverty or human suffering. Project Managers find themselves in a dilemma when an organization or programme is going through a crisis , restructuring or one is tasked to play more than one function . To be an effective manager in a humanitarian or development organization, more than one professional skill is required. Leadership skills are very critical while managing humanitarian situation. Managers who are not multi talented cannot manage humanitarian situations or guaranteed change or growth in an organization and are often unable to meet the challenges of modern organizations. An all rounded manager needs to have relevant skills like fundraising, Project Management, Organizational Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Change management, Leadership among others.
With increasing job competition, employers are therefore nowadays seeking to hire all rounded managers who can develop programmes , think strategically, manage project risks, set up systems, oversee operations and plan for the future of the organization. A Project manager is therefore called upon to be an excellent technical organizer and a project leader at the same time. To have have skills to manage projects and organizations at the same time.
This ten in one course proposes to impart the following relevant skills to development and humanitarian managers of the present and the future:
• Module 1. Project Cycle Management .
• Module 2. Project Design and Planning
• Module 3. Proposal Writing and Fundraising
• Module 4. Monitoring and Evaluation
• Module 5. Leadership and Management
• Module 6. Project Management
• Module 7. Organizational Governance and Development .
• Module 8. Human Resource Management
• Module 9. Strategic Planning and Management

  • .Module 10. Emergency Humanitarian Situation Management

This Six month course is offered through distance learning approach.
Course Begins on 1st of every month for Six Months.
Course Level: Diploma Course
Cost: Amount USD 800
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