What is monitoring and evaluation course about?
This course endows participants with competences in setting up and implementing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems involving data management, analysis, and reporting. The participants will benefit from the latest M&E philosophies and practices including the results and participatory approaches. This course equips participants with competencies in monitoring and evaluation of development interventions at the project, programme and organizational level.

Course Outline:

• Introduction to monitoring and evaluation terms and concepts
• Difference between monitoring and evaluation
• The need for monitoring and evaluation in development projects
• Monitoring in all process of the project cycle
• Types of indicators and Identifying outcome indicators for your project

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
• Types of Frameworks
• Role of in Monitoring and Evaluation planning

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
• Describe the functions of an M&E plan
• Describe the main elements of an M&E plan
• Define standards for an M&E plan
• Describe some of the complexities of M &E plan
• Provide an overview of M&E plan implementation modalities

Data Collection, Capture, and Data Quality Checks
• Identify types of data collection tools
• Identify type of tools at each M &E level
• Define data capture
• Identify key steps in data capture
• Define data quality
• Quantitative methods
• Qualitative methods

Data Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting
• Role of data analysis in monitoring and evaluation
• Types of data analysis
• Interpretation of data
• Deciding which reporting methods to use
• Writing an effective M/E report
• Communication of M&E findings for action and accountability

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