Certificate Course in Proposal Writing and Fundraising

What is proposal writing in fundraising?
A fundraising proposal is a document that explains what your project or cause is, why it matters, how much money you need, and how you will use it.

Writing a fundraising proposal is one of the most important skills of a fundraiser professional. The proposal must tell the story in a compelling manner, while persuading the donor that this project is meaningful.

It must also convince funders that your organization is fiscally sound, transparent and capable of achieving the goals and objectives of the proposal.

What are the benefits of using proposal for fundraising?
The functions of the proposal are: Fundraising– Proposals secure CARE’s funding. The proposal must convince the donor that the need that CARE has identified is important, and that CARE has the capacity and the right approach to address the needs and achieve good results, and to ensure accountability.

Course Overview

  • Project Planning & Design using log frames
  • Concepts used in Proposal writing and Fundraising Fundraising
  • Proposal writing components. (Proposal writing drills)
  • Understanding why some proposals do not get funded
  • Online Fund Raising
  • Developing a Fund Raising Strategy for your Organization
  • Mastering the fundraising environment

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