The future of many organizations depends on their ability to manage projects, programs and portfolios of projects. Skills in this area are in demand and continue to be in high demand.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to design a program of action based on clear policy directives, to draft a comprehensive project document and to monitor and evaluate the implementation of an ongoing program with a view of recommending corrective action. Students will have skills in awareness of the unplanned problems that may arise while they manage their projects and will have developed a toolkit of materials which will assist them effectively address project design and management challenges.
The course will be examining the inner workings of projects by analyzing the characteristics of effective programs, which bring together a series of projects for mutually supportive and concerted action. The course will pay particular attention to programs selected from the areas where the Netherlands public sector entities are most active, particularly post-conflict relief and development, and case studies will be reviewed to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between policy and management of implementation.
The topics to be covered include the following;

  • Netherlands development project design and implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation methods
  • Innovations and the practice of impact evaluation for organizational learning
  • Management of monitoring and evaluation functions and teams
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods for field-based monitoring and evaluation
  • Historical contexts and critiques of monitoring and evaluation

Course Begins on 1st of every month for three months.
Course Level: Certificate Course
Cost: Amount USD 400
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