Certificate Course in Grants Management

What are the basic concepts of grant management?
Grant management is a two-fold concept that is understood by both grantmakers and grantseekers. A grant management system includes things like applying to and selecting grants, adhering to requirements, disbursing funds, evaluating outcomes, and all the steps in between

Grant management includes strategic planning, efficient grant design, programme development and effective tracking, and having sufficient resources to smoothly manage the process.

Course Content


  • Overview of Grants Management Cycle:
  • Developing proposal,
  • Budgeting
  • Types of costs,
  • Grant Award Contract, Types & contents,
  • Award Review,
  • Fundraising Tips,
  • Implementation,
  • Compliance,
  • Eligible and ineligible costs,
  • Cost Share/ Matching costs,
    Procurement Procedures,
  • Grant Tracking Tools, : Costs eligibility,
  • Programme  evaluation,
  • Amendment time, costs, activities, partner,
  • Grant Reporting,
  • Financial Documentation and Reporting
  • Documentation, Internal Controls;
  • Audit, Narrative Reporting, Partnerships & consortia management,
  • Donor Compliance, Personnel & Staff Issues (ethics) :
  • Contracts,
  • Time sheets Travel & per diem:
  • Itinerary assigning,
  • Assets & Inventory Management,
  • Co-Financing & Multi- Donor Funding,
  • Indirect Costs & Contingencies,
  • Close Out Procedures & the Final Tranche

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